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Emerson’s new full-bore ball control valve combats vibration, cavitation and noise

Emerson has introduced the Fisher V280 full-bore trunnion-mounted ball control valve for severe and speciality pressure, flow and process control applications.
The valve provides dynamic process control by utilising a robust drive train unique to the market that is designed to guide the shaft and properly absorb energy.
Available attenuators for liquid and gas process fluids offer an effective solution for combatting the negative consequences of cavitation, such as vibration, erosion and noise.
The body connections of the V280 valve have been re-engineered to significantly simplify the design and reduce the number of parts, while utilising the same construction for the inlet and outlet.
This allows an easy retrofit of single or dual ball seals with standard or customised noise attenuating aerodomes or anti-cavitation hydrodomes on the inlet, outlet or both.
Typical applications include midstream oil and gas, particularly compressor anti-surge service.
The V280 is a fully rated ANSI class 900 valve, available in 6in, 8in, 10in, 12in and 16in sizes. A variety of high-performance packing materials are available, including ENVIRO-SEAL live-loaded packing.
Optional special materials and constructions are available to accommodate specialty applications.
The valve comes standard as a single-seal construction but is available with optional dual-seal construction, allowing bi-directional flow and double block-and-bleed operation.