Emerson’s new flowmeter delivers accuracy and stability for demanding hydrogen applications

Emerson has introduced a new Micro Motion™ Coriolis flowmeter designed for high-pressure hydrogen dispensing and chemical injection applications where measurement accuracy and safety are essential.
The Micro Motion Coriolis HPC015 flowmeter is capable of a flow accuracy margin of 0.5% for gas and 0.1% for liquid mass flow measurement, a significant improvement over existing meters.
The meter performs under wide pressure and temperature fluctuations, ensuring security and reliability, while onboard diagnostic tools eliminate the need for pre-inspections or interim maintenance checks.
The demand for hydrogen, an abundant and renewable energy source, is growing due to its use in fuel cells for low-emission vehicles, fertilisers, glass and metal production, as well as the energy sector.
Hydrogen is stored at very high pressure – usually at around 963 bar (13,960 psi) – which creates challenges to find equipment to aid in producing, storing and dispensing the gas safely and effectively.
“The HPC015 is an extremely accurate, safe and reliable solution to measure flow at high pressures,” said Tim Drost, senior Coriolis product marketing manager at Emerson. “It was designed specifically to meet the challenges our customers face in the hydrogen fuel and chemical injection spaces.”
One of the main application uses for the HPC015 in accurately measuring the flow of hydrogen gas is to effectively manage costs in large-scale custody transfer applications, such as public transportation systems, where hydrogen fuels are used to power hybrid bus engines.

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