Emerson upgrade syncs field data with decision makers

Emerson has upgraded one of its handheld communicators with ‘first-of-its-kind’ automatic synchronisation technology.

The new upgrades to the AMS Trex Device Communicator connect field service data with asset management experts, utilising Industrial Internet of Things solutions with the aim of improving decision-making.

According to a statement from Emerson, the new Auto-Sync technology makes AMS Trex the first handheld communicator to automatically synchronise field data with a facility’s AMS Device Manager database. The upgrades aim to give maintenance and operations personnel faster access to field changes and an accurate audit trail for compliance and analysis requirements.

Information about changes ‘in the field’, for instance, a technical fault in a plants’ valves, is often incomplete, inaccurate or delayed, hindering the ability of engineers to respond. The new communicator strives to eliminate these issues by logging and timestamping all changes as they occur. The audit trail that is created will allow organisations to know not only what has been changed, but when and by what device.

“The AMS Trex communicator delivers a solution where AMS Device Manager and handheld communicators work together in harmony to ensure hands-off documentation of all device changes,” said Pat Fitzgerald, vice president for Emerson’s Reliability Solutions business. “Shop supervisors can easily maintain integrity of the asset database, helping management maintain compliance and trust the integrity of their data."


Fluid applications

The communicator’s ValveLink Mobile application allows engineers to maintain valve performance. Users can perform valve diagnostics in the field, such as valve signature, dynamic error band, PD one button sweep and step response, without having to take the valve out of action or perform invasive troubleshooting steps.

A large touchscreen makes it possible to see a wide-range of valve diagnostic details. The AMS Trex also includes built-in Bluetooth, USB and WiFi connectivity, allowing data to be moved to and from the communicator in whichever way is most convenient.





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