Emerson pressure gauges enhance safety at BP Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay facility

Emerson’s Rosemount wireless pressure gauges have been successfully used to modernise well monitoring and enhance safety at BP Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay facility in Alaska.

BP Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay Unit Well Operating Limits project received the Alaska Oil and Gas Project of the Year for Environmental Stewardship and Innovation from the Alaska Oil and Gas Association. The three-year programme, which began in 2016, involved the installation of Emerson’s Rosemount pressure gauges at the Prudhoe Bay field.

The pressure gauges provide improved visibility into well integrity without the need for a person to enter the well, which protects personnel from potentially dangerous conditions. Automated real-time data and increased process insight also provide early notification of any anomalies in the well, which reduces the risk of an event happening.

BP worked closely with Emerson and PCE Pacific to install more than 3,500 Rosemount wireless pressure gauges on upstream wellheads at Prudhoe Bay to remotely monitor pressure all year round. Emerson’s Rosemount gauges replaced existing mechanical pressure gauges that required staff to perform manual readings on more than 1,700 wells in potentially hazardous climatic conditions.

The automated wireless data from the wireless gauges offers updates at a rate of once per minute, compared to the once per day frequency of the mechanical gauges.

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