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Emerson launches new knife gate valve for mining applications

The new Clarkson SU10R polyurethane knife gate valve line
The new Clarkson SU10R polyurethane knife gate valve line

Emerson has launched a new line of knife gate valves designed specifically for challenging mid-service mining applications.

According to Emerson, the new Clarkson SU10R polyurethane knife gate valves aim to deliver a solution to the abrasion and corrosion conditions that affect mid-service mining applications, while increasing reliability and service life.

“Medium density slurry service has traditionally presented a challenge for the mineral processing industry. The choice is usually an economic light-service valve that will require frequent or a heavy-duty valve that is expensive and over specified,” said Mike Gordon, global product manager for knife gate valves, Emerson Automation Solutions.

“The SU10R now fills that gap with a valve that offers superior service and easy servicing.”


Key features of the Clarkson SU10R

  • Two piece construction and field replaceable snap-in liner design 
  • Integral seat face seal to eliminate the need for flange gaskets 
  • Resilience of polyurethane material ensures tight shut-off to MSS-SP-81 standards 
  • Valves are truly bidirectional 
  • Available in sixes ranging from 50mm (2 inches) up to 600mm (24 inches) 
  • Operate at 10 bar (150 psi cwp) across the entire range at temperatures up to 80°C (175°F)



Emerson is currently offering its new Clarkson SU10R for customers in the US. It will be available in other regions, including Latin America and Asia-Pacific, at a later date.

The new Clarkson SU10R polyurethane knife gate valve line