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Emerson launches new Coriolis flowmeters

Emerson Process Management has introduced the Micro Motion F100P and HPC010P Coriolis flowmeters to measure accurate flow rates for wellbore chemicals injected at high pressure conditions.

Both meters are designed for demanding offshore applications that require robust performance with low maintenance needs. These meters will allow operators to confidently monitor chemical injection to ensure long term asset reliability and flow assurance.

The F100P is a 1" meter with a maximum pressure rating of 431bar (6250 psi) that targets measurement for higher flow rates typical for hydrate inhibitors.

The HPC010P is the first ultra-high pressure Coriolis meter developed by Emerson, and will have a maximum operating pressure of 1034bar to address offshore chemical injection measurement for chemicals such as corrosion, scale and asphaltene inhibitors.

'These meters are breaking boundaries for Coriolis meters in high pressure applications where positive displacement meters are today's legacy practice. Coriolis meters deliver new value to our customers through more accurate measurement and reduced maintenance over traditional PD technology,' says Michelle Marceny, specialty products business manager for Emerson's Micro Motion business. 'Coupled with Smart Meter Verification (on-line verification of meter performance), these meters provide safe, reliable and highly repeatable performance with reduced maintenance in the toughest applications.'

These flowmeters will be available starting late 2015, and are the newest addition to Emerson's chemical injection solution capabilities which include Tescom flow control technology, Micro Motion mass flowmeters, and Rosemount pressure and temperature transmitters.