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Emerson introduces Coriolis flowmeter for medium to large flow rates

Emerson Process Management has introduced a Coriolis flowmeter for line sizes from 3.5 to 4.5" (DN sizes of 90-125). The meter expands the Elite family by providing for customers who require measurement of medium to large flow rates.

The Micro Motion Elite CMF350 flowmeter features an optimum level of scalability and standardisation for the best fit in applications where flow rate accuracy with low pressure drop and high turndown is critical. Specifically, this meter delivers 0.05% optional liquid mass flow accuracy and volume accuracy, ±0.35% gas accuracy and ±0.0002 g/cc liquid density accuracy. Maximum flow rates for this sensor reach 15000 lb/min (409000 kg/h).

The meter is applicable in the oil and gas, refining, chemical and power industries. It is ideal for applications such as cementing, custody transfer of liquid and gas, production separation, basic and specialty chemicals, ethylene and crude production and manufacturing processes.

CMF350 meters are available with Smart Meter Verification (SMV), which provides advanced diagnostics of meter health and performance without removing the sensor from the line or interrupting the manufacturing or measurement processes. The verification is quick and can be executed remotely without a trip to the field, additional instrumentation, or data interpretation. SMV diagnostic reports are also increasingly recognised by third-party regulatory agencies, enabling work practice changes that save money and improve worker and environmental safety.