Emerson introduce new wireless toxic gas monitor

Technology and engineering company Emerson has announced its new product; the ‘first’ fully integrated wireless gas monitor.

Emerson states that the gas monitor has been developed in response to the critical need for the monitoring of toxic hydrogen sulphide gas in wellheads, tank farms, and other remote locations.  

The Rosemount 928 Wireless Gas Monitor is fully integrated with WirelessHART toxic gas monitoring solution. Emerson claims that the monitor significantly improves safety in areas and applications that were previously considered too expensive and difficult to monitor due to remote or difficult-to-access locations and challenging topology.

The integration into a WirelessHART network means that the Rosemount 928 eliminates wiring and dramatically reduces installation, commissioning and maintenance costs. The new gas monitor also includes a power module and the Rosemount 628 toxic gas sensor module that is both intrinsically safe and can be replaced in the field in minutes without the need for tools.  

Product manager at Emerson Sean McLeskey said, “The need for hydrogen sulphide monitoring at these challenging locations is critical.”

“The fact that companies can now so easily solve what has been such a challenging problem is a testament to the power of wireless technology. For current users of wireless solutions – or those considering a move to wireless – the Rosemount 928 is another step in their commitment to increasing safety at their facilities,” added McLeskey.

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