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Emerson expands the digital ecosystem with new dual-mode wireless gateway

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Emerson has announced a new dual-mode wireless gateway which supports both IEC 62951 WirelessHART and ISA100.11a industrial wireless communications standards. Expanding Emerson’s wireless portfolio, the new gateway to Emerson’s Plantweb digital ecosystem will provide customers with a way to utilise WirelessHART technologies from many suppliers.

"With our new dual-mode gateway, we’re excited to give ISA100.11a users an easy path to the improved operating performance they are seeking,” said Bob Karschnia, vice president and general manager, wireless, Emerson Automation Solutions, in a statement. “WirelessHART has proven in 10 years of successful deployments around the world to provide the highest reliability and most robust self-organising, self-healing network, for the lowest cost.” 

Emerson’s wireless portfolio aims to help customers extend their automation ecosystem, improving operating reliability with sensing, monitoring and control technologies such as temperature, pressure, level, corrosion, flow, acoustic, gas and vibration, plus wireless adapters for valve positioners and digital valve controllers.

Wireless gateways and access points increase the amount of real time information available to automations systems, applications and analytics tools to help organisations improve responsiveness and decision making. Efficient deployment can see cost reduced by lower hardware requirements, and operating reliability improved.