Emerson enhances digital twin software

Emerson has announced recent enhancements to its Mimic™ Simulation Software, which enable the simulation of new process reactions and enhanced safety checks for training plant personnel.

The new release of the software makes it easier for plants to develop a more accurate digital twin, according to a statement from the company.

New online stream flow views in the updated version of Mimic reduce the time it takes to make engineering changes, which include tuning factors such as temperature, pressure and flow in plant elements.

Users of the updated software can view all process elements in one table with changeable parameters, enabling the entire process to be viewed and managed through an online platform.

The Mimic Advanced Modelling Objects have been upgraded with new blocks and objects to improve simulation, enabling easier design simulation for the oil and gas, LNG, refining and petrochemical industries.

New objects available include plate and frame heat exchangers, three-phase flash vapour-liquid-liquid equilibrium separation objects and plug flow reactor objects.

Simpler reaction modelling is also available, allowing organisations to more easily simulate reactions in a vessel. Users can create simplified reactions in engineering design without the need for complex or private reaction data.

Additionally, for plants that rely on standard operating procedures to ensure safety in critical processes, Mimic offers enhanced scoring features for training simulation.

According to Emerson, Mimic is now natively integrated with AspenTech’s HYSYS® Simulation Software, which provides control platform integration and training functionality to the HYSYS simulation.

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