Emerson connects plant monitoring to Smartphones

Emerson has announced the launch of DeltaV Mobile, a platform that leverages Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technology to give engineers access to real-time data, trends and insight to help in making critical operations decisions, securely from any location in the world.

DeltaV forms part of Emerson’s ‘digital ecosystem’. It takes smartphone technology and connects it with process control data, making operational intelligence available 24/7. It can be applied to a range of applications, including oil and gas operations, refineries, chemical plants and life sciences facilities. According to Emerson, it can deliver benefits in the form of improved safety, reliability and performance.

The smartphone technology integrates with Emerson’s DeltaV distributed control system to deliver critical contextual data to the user. DeltaV Mobile also incorporates Emerson’s Plantweb Secure First Mile technology to provide plant data without impacting on critical production systems.

“DeltaV Mobile is an important Industrial IoT tool to help companies make decisions faster and smarter,” says Jamie Froedge, president, Process Systems and Solutions, Emerson Automation Solutions. “Mobile intelligence will transform operational workflows and practices and drive collaboration across the enterprise, which helps customers reach Top Quartile performance.” (Top Quartile is defined by Emerson as achieving operations and capital performance in the top 25 percent of peer companies).

Through IoT infrastructure, DeltaV Mobile allows on-site teams to securely connect with off-site expertise, facilitating collaboration and allowing expertise to be shared. According to Emerson, users can customise filtering so they can ensure they’re seeing the most relevant data and alerts. It is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices, and can provide alarm alerts via push, SMS or email notification. 

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