Emerson buys productivity software company ProSys

The company hope the acquisition will complement another purchase it made in 2017 to improve its operator training services.

Emmerson announced 18 January that it has acquired ProSys, a supplier of software and services aimed at increasing productivity and safety across a range of refining industries. The goal for the company is to make operations and response to abnormalities easier.

“Adding ProSys’ differentiated technologies and expertise allows us to help our customers improve plant performance, safety and profitability by optimising their human and automation resources,” said Mike Train, executive president, Emerson Automation Solutions. “With ProSys, we can provide innovative control and operator performance capabilities to make control room operators far more effective.”

“Our specialisation in software and services that increase operator performance builds on Emerson’s market leadership in automation control systems,” said Dustin Beebe, president and CEO at ProSys. “By working together as one, we can provide even more operational and financial value to customers.” Beebe will join Emerson as vice president of control and operator performance.

The company said in a press release that the addition will enhance Emerson’s ‘Operational Certainty’ programme, which it described as a way to “help industrial companies achieve Top Quartile performance in areas of safety, reliability, and production.”

PyroSys’ inventory includes products designed to manage alarms that are essential to plant production and safety, on top of handling dynamic plant states. The company has also developed graphic interfaces to assist inter-operator communication.

In May 2017, Emerson purchased MYNAH Technologies, a provider of dynamic simulation and operator training software. Emerson hopes that these two acquisitions will complement each other in their ability to keep operators abreast of technological developments and working in the most efficient way possible.