Emco Wheaton launches new overfill system for fuel tankers

Emco Wheaton has launched an overfill system designed to prevent product overflows of fuel tankers during loading alongside ensuring that safety is paramount.

The F2020 Overfill Sensor uses electronic signals to prevent product overflows of tanker compartments, ensuring valuable fluid is not lost.

Designed for tankers of up to eight compartments, the system is connected to the controls of the terminal through a plug and socket connection. When overfill is detected, the system will override and shut down the terminal pump and metering equipment filling the tanker compartment.

The system has ISO 9000/2000 approval and is manufactured in compliance with EN13922 and the European ATEX directive.

The sensor and related equipment form a vital part of the Emco Wheaton equipment range for the builders and operators of road tankers. All components are designed to operate reliably in hazardous conditions, ensuring that liquid is delivered without spillage or contamination, at all times protecting the driver and the environment.

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