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Emco Wheaton launches new break-away coupling

Emco Wheaton has released a new Todo emergency break-away coupling for bottom loading applications that reduces incident risk and improves operator safety.

The tried and tested Todo 4” aluminium break-away coupling has been specifically adapted for bottom loading arm applications with the addition of a TTMA flange.

The device be applied on new loading arms, while it also means the break-away can be retrofitted to bottom hose loading arms that currently incorporate this type of flange in their construction. 

The addition of the flange and use of the break-away coupling gives operators peace of mind knowing that should a drive-away incident occur, the break-away will disconnect and minimise risk of product loss.

Equally important, the break-away would take the force of the incident, thereby protecting the API coupler and loading arm.

By keeping the design concept simple, the break-away coupler can be reset on site after an event with an easy-to-install kit, leading to reduced downtime.

Holly Damude, Emco Wheaton North American product manager for Todo, said: “The consequences of drive-away incidents are very serious without break-away protection. Our new Todo TTMA break-away coupler removes the human error element when transferring dangerous fluids.”

The coupling consists of two identical halves joined together by a series of 3mm break-pins, allowing the break-away to be configured to separate at a defined load.

Should an excessive load be placed on the loading arm, the pins break and the break-away separates, automatically closing the internal valves.

This new variant of the break-away coupler is designed to operate reliably in hazardous conditions, ensuring that liquid is delivered without spillage or contamination, at all times protecting the driver and the environment.