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Emco Wheaton Canada meets increased demand for fluid transfer equipment

An increased demand for spill-free fluid transfer products has led Emco Wheaton Canada to step up its supplies of a range of dry-break couplings, the company says.

The growing need for the products, especially those used in low pressure applications and loading/unloading trucks and railcars, is largely due to increased shale gas discoveries across North America.

Emco says it is 'stocking its shelves' with both Emco Wheaton and TODO products meaning lead times are shorter and clients are able to receive their equipment quicker.

The company is also meeting the needs of operators working with high pressure applications such as the transfer of LPG to supply ships, chemical plant applications and solvent transfer.

Repair kits have also been made more readily available to ensure the long-term performance of Emco Wheaton products.