Elfab launches advanced transportation vessel rupture disc for transportation industry

Derived from its original Tank-Safe development for the transportation industry, Elfab engineers have worked closely with tank component experts to offer a new rupture disc that meets current market requirements.

The non-fragmenting, fully lined design offers tank manufacturers high performance overpressure protection with an operating ratio of up to 90% combined with a ±5% burst tolerance. Directly installed between industry standard flange fittings, the Intermodal Container Disc (ICD) is ideal for a variety of industrial containers used for carrying gases and liquids, complying with several international standards relating to the transportation of dangerous goods.

The new ICD disc can be used in combination with traditional safety relief valves to achieve the most cost effective explosion protection for any particular vessel. Using a rupture disc in addition to a valve means the system benefits from the unique advantages of each individual solution, whilst maintaining a reasonable cost.

Using a rupture disc in itself extends valve life by isolating corrosive fluids from internal valve parts, but a major benefit of the full lining to the process side of the ICD disc is that it prevents contact between the metal and the corrosive media; thus the system life is extended even further.

Read more about Elfab's products here.

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