Electro-Chemical Devices releases new IoT-enabled alkalinity analyser

The company says the product is ideal for water and wastewater, pharmaceutical and semiconductor applications.

The new CA900 Titration Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) automates the process of routine alkalinity measurement with what they say is a simple, accurate and cost-effective approach.

Alkalinity is a measure of the capacity of water to neutralize acids and affects pH levels in water.  It occurs naturally in ground water and its levels are influenced by rocks and soils, salts, certain plant activities and in some cases by industrial wastewater discharges.

The product is web enabled and can be remotely monitored by a variety of personal devices through the internet of things (IoT).

“Titration analysis with the CA900 Analyzer calculates alkalinity by dispensing known doses of a titrant fluid into a reaction cell while monitoring the pH level to its end point.  The analyzer then uses the titrant concentration and amount dispensed to calculate the level of alkalinity measurement,” said the company in a statement.

The standard sequence used by the CA900 is a cleaning cycle, sample acquisition, monitoring of pH, the addition of the titrant fluid, mixing the fluid, calculation of results and data storage. The frequency of analysis cycles can be set per the application. The specifics of the analysis sequence can also be tweaked depending on the process control application and/or the compliance requirements.

ECD says that the analyser can be set-up in less than fifteen minutes. To install it, technicians need to connect the sample, waste and reagent lines and then power-up the device, which is pre-calibrated at the factory.

Customers can choose from four calibration ranges: 0 to 50 ppm, 50 to 200 ppm, 200-1000 ppm, and 0 to>1000 ppm. The analyser also comes with four 4-20 analog outputs, an Ethernet output and four user-configurable alarm relays.

In its release for the product, ECD emphasizes the product’s applicability to water and wastewater treatment, where alkalinity can affect the wastewater anaerobic digestion process.

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