Edge LNG uses ‘virtual pipeline’ to capture and liquefy gas from stranded wells

Edge Gathering Virtual Pipelines 2 (Edge LNG) has been selected by a large oil and gas producer to capture and liquefy gas from its stranded wells in Tioga County, New York State in the Marcellus basin.

The producer expects to reap economic benefits through engaging Edge LNG’s services on assets unreachable by pipeline. Initial operation is ongoing and is set to continue until 2022.

Edge LNG will deploy its fully mobile, truck-delivered liquefied natural gas (LNG) equipment clusters to the Marcellus site – each cluster includes two Cryobox liquefaction units.

The process, which was created by Galileo Global Technologies and deployed exclusively by Edge LNG in North America, can be delivered to any site accessible by road. Following set-up and safety checks, production is able to begin within hours, with minimal investment required by the site owner as pipeline infrastructure is not needed.

Edge LNG will purchase the gas it extracts from the producer to deliver via its truck-based virtual pipeline to existing customers in the region. The company has also agreed to supply LNG to the City of Norwich in Connecticut, which will be used to provide natural gas to homes and businesses.

“The Marcellus is an important region for us, there is lots of potential here with a large number of stranded wells,” commented Mark Casaday, CEO of Edge LNG. “So much gas goes unharnessed, purely because lack of access to a pipeline has meant there is no economic way to take it to market. We provide operators with an opportunity to profit from wells that would otherwise not be used and we make it into valuable fuel. It’s a win-win solution.”

Earlier this year, Edge LNG officially launched in the US with the signing of its first deal, which saw the company successfully monetise a source of previously stranded gas in the Marcellus field, and deliver it as LNG to a utility in New England.

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