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Eco-responsible range of hydraulic fluids launched by Total Lubrifiants

International lubricants supplier Total Lubrifiants has launched ECO2, a new range of industrial hydraulic fluids from the circular economy.

The more eco-responsible range helps to save resources and is being touted as a solution to lubricants end of life cycle. The hydraulic fluids are manufactured by regenerating waste oils at the Osilub recycling plant in France, which is owned by Total and Veolia, using a patented process.

The range currently includes AZOLLA ECO2 46 and EQUIVIS ECO2 46, both of which are available in Europe.

An independent lifecycle assessment carried out in line with ISO 14040 and ISO 14044-44 compared ECO2’s overall environmental impact with that of a conventional fluid made from base oils produced by refining crude oil.

The assessment confirmed that the new fluids are 10 times less energy-intensive to produce and reduce carbon emissions by 50% across their lifecycle.

“With ECO2, Total Lubrifiants is providing a tangible response to manufacturers’ new needs, to help reduce their environmental footprint,” commented Claire Michel, product manager at Total Lubrifiants. “Formulated using re-refined oils, our new range builds on recycling processes to produce a high-grade fluid with the same properties as standard fluids, but with a controlled environmental impact. The result of our R&D teams’ painstaking work, the unique process used has been patented by Total.”