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Eco-friendly manufacturing processes

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As the world moves to develop more earth-friendly manufacturing processes, NETZSCH NEMO® Pumps are helping a new, local plant turn food waste into renewable energy and helping to reduce the carbon footprint.
Wasatch Resource Recovery takes pre-consumer food and beverage waste and converts this waste into renewable energy in the form of natural gas and fertiliser as it works alongside local food and beverage manufacturers, including restaurants and food processing plants.

The problem: turning waste to energy

Wasatch Resource Recovery, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is the city’s first and only anaerobic digester dedicated to food waste diversion. This process will turn the organic matter into sustainable resources.
Post-consumer waste holds very little remaining energy as the energy has been used by the consumer. However, food waste that would normally be disposed of in a landfill still contains a certain amount of unused and usable energy that normally would be wasted.
Instead of throwing away this pre-consumer packaged and/or unpackaged food and beverage waste, the Wasatch Resource Recovery plant...

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