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Ebsray releases regenerative turbine pump series for liquefied gas duties

Ebsray Pumps, a designer and manufacturer of regenerative turbine and positive displacement pump technologies, has released the new RC40 Series regenerative turbine pump.

The new pumps are targeted at liquefied gas applications, including liquefied petroleum gas, autogas, DME, aerosols, industrial refrigerants, and liquid CO2.

Developed as a replacement for the Ebsray R10 model, the new RC40 pump features increased flow rates and features important new design enhancements.

The pumps offer high reliability even under extremely low NPSH operating conditions and possess the ability to handle entrained vapours without loss of efficiency or internal damage.

The close-coupled flange design of the RC40 mounts to both 50Hz and 60Hz (NEMA and IEC) electric motors while the unique three-ported design with two discharge ports provides installation flexibility for lower installed cost.

In addition, the RC40 optimises its class-leading performance and efficiency by using one motor size less than its leading competitors.

RC40 pumps have bronze impellers, ductile-iron casings, and high-tensile alloy steel shafts.

The pump features a maximum differential pressure to 14 bar (200psi) and maximum flow rates are 200l/min (52.8 gpm) with motor speeds up to 3,500 rpm.

RC40 pumps also feature multiple flange port options in one body design, including ANSI, DIN, and NPT.

Cartridge design mechanical seals and bearings are interchangeable with RC20 and RC25 models, and RC40 pumps comply with ATEX and AS1596 codes with UL51 certification in progress.