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Ebara’s new innovation centre ready to begin operations in Japan

Ebara Corporation has completed construction of its new Components Development and Innovation Center, which will play a critical role in the development and testing of dry vacuum pumps and gas abatement systems.

The facility, known as the V6 Building, is due to begin full operations in October 2019. With an investment of approximately 1 billion yen (€8.2 million), the facility is located in Fujisawa, Japan.

Main features of the new facility include:

  • The floor area and the number of test benches is more than double the existing test equipment

  • It is equipped with process gas introduction and treatment equipment, which reproduces the operating environment for customers

  • There is a demonstration room that enables customers to witness the operation of new products

  • Custom configuration for integrated testing and operation of both dry vacuum pumps and gas abatement systems in one location

  • The test data measurement system uses Internet of Things technology

In a statement, the company added: “Ebara strives to enhance the research and development activities for dry vacuum pumps and gas abatement systems through streamlined processes and state-of-the art infrastructure. We have undertaken various initiatives with the goal being to compress the product development cycle so as to release competitive market ready products that meet our customers’ requirements in a timely manner.

“We will also focus on the development of integrated systems that combine our various independent products such as abatement systems and dry vacuum pumps, since there is a growing demand from the market for such product offerings.”