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Eaton launches new DWF duplex lubrication oil filter to help protect hydraulic pumps

Power management company Eaton has launched new high-performance DWF duplex lubrication oil filters to help preserve hydraulic pumps, motors, bearings and gears.

The DWF series of filters feature a three-way changeover ball valve so that when service is required on one side, the filtration flow is easily switched to the other chamber.

The new PTFE sealing system on the switchgear ensures easier service with fewer potential leak points. Furthermore, a newly designed filter element with an interior/exterior core has been integrated into the DWF filter series to optimize performance, efficiency and dirty holding capacity while allowing for a minimal overall filter footprint.

“The new DWF duplex lubrication oil filters are instrumental in protecting equipment while improving performance and reliability,” said Mary Jo Surges, vice president and general manager, Eaton’s Filtration Division.

She added: “The simplified design carries the robustness of Eaton’s full hydraulic and lubrication filtration line with the addition of key features that provide high dirt-holding capacity and easy maintenance for our customers.”