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Eaton expands quick disconnect coupling line, receives fire safety certification

Power management company Eaton has expanded its FD85 Series quick disconnect coupling product line with new sizes, making them available in 1¼” and 2” body sizes.

All sizes of the FD85 thread-to-connect couplings series, including the previously announced ¾”, 1”, and 1½” sizes, now carry a Lloyd’s Registry Certificate for oil and gas applications as a standard offering.

The independent certification provides assurance that the couplings will perform to industry standards, which helps to reduce costly downtime due to equipment malfunction or failure.

Each mating part will also carry the marking, indicating that the couplings are approved for blow-out prevention applications.

“The Lloyd’s Registry certification for all sizes delivers the additional peace of mind that comes from knowing that the products have been proven through a very intense, standardised testing process,” said said Canan Myers, product manager for metal products at Eaton.

The Lloyd’s Registry Certificate for fire conditions, as outlined in API 16D and EUB Directive 36 Appendix 3, certifies the products as capable of maintaining pressures when exposed to a 370°C temperature for a five-minute period.

The certification applies to those assemblies where both mating parts are Eaton FD85 series thread-to-connect couplings.

The FD85 couplings help prevent downtime caused by leakages, pressure drops, contamination and difficult assemblies in industrial and mobile equipment, oil and gas, and construction applications.