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EagleBurgmann seals solve problems with pumping light vaporous media

Numerous plant operators experience problems incurred by temperature and pressure fluctuations in the pump.

In conjunction with the low vapour pressure margin of the medium (e.g. ethane, propane), this can cause phase transitions between liquid and gas at the seal faces, causing them to run dry.

Conventional mechanical seals consequently sustain damage, which results in seal failures.

With the DF(P)DGS6, EagleBurgmann offers shaft sealing for API 610 high-performance pumps, such as BB3 and BB4 process pumps, vertical pumps applied in liquefied gas fractionation, in pump stations of downstream natural gas liquids pipelines, and also in CO2 applications.

The seal concept of the DF-(P)DGS6 was developed from the dry gas seals technology for compressors.

Due to the broad seal faces with bi-directional gas grooves, the DF-(P)DGS6 runs contact-free when the media is gaseous.

Due to the EagleBurgmann Diamondface bonding of the primary seal faces, the seal can run dry while remaining wear-free in transient conditions of the medium.

If the medium is in liquid state, the seal acts as a conventional liquid-lubricated mechanical seal.

More than 150 of the DF-(P)DGS6 seals to date have been deployed in the first installation of pumps or exchanged for ‘bad actors’ in this field of application.

EagleBurgmann reports up to 80 % reduced pump leaks and more than five years of prolonged seal service life.

The seals are available as single, double, tandem, and tandem seal with intermediate labyrinth arrangement, and versions are also available for high pressure and both low and high temperature applications (DF-PDGS6).

The pumps are available in shaft diameters ranging from 25mm to 280mm, and can handle pressures between 0 and 100 bar and temperatures between -30°C and 200°C (0 to 250 bar and -100°C to 200°C for the DF-PDGS6).