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EagleBurgmann releases new mechanical seal for standard chemical pumps

Within its HRC N series, EagleBurgmann has launched the optimised double seal HRC3300N that has the same mounting dimensions with the rest of the series and which uses some of the non-variable parts from the predecessor HRC3000N.

The seal uses a new stationary seat that does not require binding, which, together with improvements to the seal on the atmosphere side, makes the HRC3300N more service friendly, EagleBurgmann says.

Omitting the binding makes it possible to use the high-performance DiamondFace diamond coating, increasing operating temperature to 200°C.

Unlike a conventional mechanical seal, the HRC N has a rotating counter ring against a stationary seal face.

The dead space-free configuration and the unrestricted flushing of the stationary seat enable good heat dissipation.

The springs are protected from the product and have been configured to prevent the spring compartments from becoming clogged.

If the seal is operated with quench, the spring compartments are flushed with clean quench fluid.

Quench bores in the lid ensure the selective discharge of product leakage.

Due to the utilized materials, the HRC N is corrosion-resistant and exhibits a high resistance to wear.

The seal faces are manufactured of silicon carbide and the stationary seats alternatively of carbon materials or also of silicon carbide.

The HRC3300N seal is capable of handling pressures up to 23 bar, and temperatures between -20°C and 200°C.