Dynamic move in Malaysia for Riventa

Malaysia is the latest country to take up the opportunity to introduce UK-based Riventa’s energy-saving technology that identifies areas to enhance performance and prolong the lifetime of assets such as pumps and blowers.
Wasser Dynamic, who are based in Kembangan, just south of the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, specialise in M&E works for water treatment, waste treatment, pumping stations, package plant and Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF).
The company has a strong track record with wastewater treatment plants, including Kampung Jong, Sultan Iskandar and Sungai Kinta.
Director of Wasser Dynamic Liew Lui Song said: “We can see big benefits for our customer base in using Riventa’s testing, monitoring and optimisation technology.”
Steve Barrett, managing director of Riventa, added: “Together with India, Australia and Brazil, where we have now created important strategic partnerships, the news is spreading that we can help bring about big savings and make treatment plants run far more economically.”
In the UK, Riventa is working with Thames Water on 90 aeration system blowers across 10 of its sewage treatment works (STW).

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