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DTI unveils new valve design for fluid regulation

DTI has introduced a new riser recoil valve for use during planned or emergency riser recoil events. The company says the streamlined, patent-pending design behind the new technology improves riser recoil valve performance.

Since the system has fewer moving parts, it eliminates risks for malfunctions and leads to greater reliability and easier maintenance.

The role of the riser recoil valve is to regulate the fluid between the accumulator and cylinder to control rod extension, making it a vital safety component. During normal operations, the valve remains completely open. When a riser recoil or wireline/riser parting event is introduced, the valve closes accordingly to limit the flow of fluid and control extension of the cylinder rod, reducing the possibility of damage to the vessel, risers, and wellhead systems.

DTI says the streamlined design of the valve improves flow efficiency, directly and positively impacting the system's response time. The company adds that the valve 'operates in all modes of operation, and it can be installed to improve performance on existing drillships as well as newbuilds'.