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Dry industrial pump range from Atlas Copco expanded

The new device
The new device
Atlas Copco is expanding its range of dry industrial pumps with its new oil-free DSS scroll vacuum pump.
The robust, low-wear pump is particularly suitable for vacuum generation in the rough vacuum range.
A key feature of the innovation is its simple and effective operating principle for gas handling.
Inside the pump there are two intermeshing, spiral-shaped screws made of aluminium.
One spiral screw is fixed, while the second one rotates to compress the gas inclusions.
The ergonomic vacuum pump is also characterised by low energy consumption, lower
life cycle costs and user-friendly operations.
Due to the dry running of the pump, no oil changes are necessary - there is also no need to replace the exhaust filters.
Therefore, the overall maintenance requirements are relatively low. The reduced service and maintenance costs can also be attributed to the fact the removable front cover
simplifies access to the pump’s interior.
The pump will provide a stable vacuum at an atmospheric pressure of up to 1 mbar and maximum productivity at low to medium flow rates.
The new device