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Diaphragm pressure gauge with dry measuring cell for hygienic applications

The cosmetics, food, beverage, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries use highly complex, sterile processes which necessitate compliance with stringent hygienic requirements. All wetted parts, i.e. materials coming into contact with the medium, must have been classified as hygienic and suitable for the appropriate processes. Under normal circumstances, chemical seals are used for measuring tasks in such processes. Afriso provides a range of EHEDG-certified chemical seals (type EL class I).

The Afriso stainless steel diaphragm pressure gauges PF100CP and PF160CP have no filling liquid. They can be used instead of chemical seals for pressure measurement in gaseous, liquid, corrosive and highly viscous media in hygienic processes, e.g. biotechnology, food or pharmaceutical applications, if the filling liquid contained in chemical seals is unwanted for some reason. The ranges cover 0/1 bar to 0/6 bar, the accuracy class is 1.6 (EN 837-3). The PF100CP and PF160CP pressure gauges are suitable for temperatures of the medium of up to +130 °C and ambient temperatures from –20°C to 60°C.

The measuring gauges use a flush mounted diaphragm without transmission liquid. The deflection of the diaphragm is mechanically transferred to a movement and indicated. The diaphragm is welded to the process connection, which results in an inseparable shock- and vibration-resistant unit without a seal. This keeps the risk of leaks to a minimum and ensures high long-term stability.

Pollution of the fluid to be measured can be almost completely excluded. The pressure gauges are connected to the process by means of a clamp connection; optional Varivent or BioControl connections, open connection flanges and other connections are also available. In addition, the pressure gauge can be provided with electrical contacts and special coatings.