DeZurik announces KSL knife gate valves

DeZurik, a Minnesota-based valve manufacturer in the industrial and municipal markets, has made available the new KSL slurry knife gate valves.

The KSL-LA slurry knife gate valves are designed for on-off (isolation) service for applications consisting of abrasive, high solids-content wet or dry media and are well-suited for applications in the mining, power, and aggregate industries.

The new valve features sleeves of natural rubber or other elastomers that are compressed by sleeve retainers and have an encapsulated supporting ring for longer service life.

The valve’s sleeve compression design eliminates the cavity where solids can collect.

The sleeve design provides bi-directional, drip-tight shutoff up the valve’s 100 psi (690 kPa) pressure rating.

The valve has a full port, which reduces turbulence and pressure drop across the valve, and the gate fully retracts out of the flow path in the open position.

The KSL slurry valve is available in sizes from 50mm to 600mm with larger sizes and higher pressure ratings available on application.

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