Desatec to increase sodium methylate production at Saudi site

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Desatec from Hamburg, Germany, has revealed a substantial increase by 70,000 mt for sodium methylate at its existing production facility in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
The plant is now the world largest production plant for the chemical with a total output of 150,000 mt per year.
Desatec is producing sodium methylate solution and powder at the Dammam facility and exports from there go to all regions in the world - mainly Europe,
Americas and Southeast Asia - to service customers in the growing life science and biodiesel industries.
Together with a local partner, Desatec is also planning to build a sodium methylate production plant in Europe with a start-up in 2026.
Due to regulatory requirements, the two largest existing sodium methylate plants in Germany will have to discontinue their production in 2027.
This will leave a significant supply gap in the European market.
With the expansion in Dammam and a new facility in Europe, Desatec is planning to fill this gap and meet the ongoing demand for sodium methylate in the largest market worldwide.

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