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Data software improves efficiency at treatment plant

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For the small team of 11 staff and seven operators at the Penticton Wastewater Treatment (PWT) plant, in Canada, ensuring adherence to stringent federal and provincial wastewater regulations is a top priority.
Along with that responsibility comes the data management and report generation that are not only job functions or requirements, but crucial to better understanding the overall water quality for the city’s 33,500 residents.
Data packaging
Gathering and packaging that data in a reliable and efficient way means it can be readily shared, interpreted and analysed by those who need to see it.
Not only is such information and reporting essential for day-to-day decision-making, but it is especially important when an unexpected or critical situation requires a swift response. Penticton is not the only municipality to have used Microsoft Excel to manage data with its spreadsheet functionality, but that is where the capability ends.
Randy Craig, wastewater treatment plant supervisor for this project, said: “Excel is great for storing data, but it’s much more difficult to use it for reporting or quality...

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