Danish power partnerships break ground on green ammonia project

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Carbon emission reduction technology firm Topsoe and its project partners Skovgaard Energy and Vestas have marked the start of construction of a green ammonia plant in Lemvig, Denmark.
The project will demonstrate how renewable power can be coupled directly to the ammonia plant while taking the fluctuations in power production into account, and at the same time making it a cost-effective way of producing green ammonia.
Kim Grøn Knudsen, chief strategy and innovation officer at Topsoe, said: “We are very excited to begin this next chapter going from maturing the project to actually begin construction of this cutting-edge green ammonia plant. The plant will serve as a prime example of how we can replace fossil-based fuels and fertilizer by carbon-neutral alternatives via electrolysis.”
Pat A Han, technical director, Skovgaard Energy, added: “Today marks a great milestone for Skovgaard Energy on our Power-to-X journey. Northwest Jutland holds an immense potential for the technologies that we aspire to demonstrate in the REDDAP project, and today’s event is a big step towards unfolding that potential.
“We are happy to start construction of our first Power-to-X plant and to celebrate this event with our project partners. We believe there will be a lot for us to learn in operating this green ammonia plant, that will help us in the preparation of up-scaled Power-to-X projects.”
Ole Kiil Nielsen, head of power-to-X Solutions at Vestas, said: “As pioneers of renewable energy, Vestas is committed to expand its potential, also beyond the power sector. Vestas is uniquely positioned together with our partners to integrate and optimize renewable energy with other technologies to develop Power-to-X cost-effectively and at scale. This project displays how it can be done and builds critical experience for the partners.  Vestas is firmly committed to lead development of this fast-evolving industry.”
Green ammonia, produced from renewable energy, is an excellent fuel and fertiliser that can potentially replace significant volumes of fossil fuels and help accelerate the transition to a world powered by renewable energy.


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