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Damen Dredging expands DOP submersible pump range

Dredging equipment supplier Damen Dredging has extended its DOP submersible dredge pump range to run from the smallest possible DOP150, fitting in any corner of a building pit, to the DOP450L, capable of processing 4,000m3 of mixture per hour.

The DOP submersible dredge pump is a heavy duty pump with a robust design that distinguishes it from slurry or wastewater pumps. The main component of the DOP is a wear resistant dredge pump outfitted with exchangeable parts. It also features a large spherical passage preventing blockage, and the impeller shaft is directly driven by a hydraulic motor through a gear box.

This direct drive makes the DOP450L, the largest submersible true dredge pump available, a compact unit. The standalone pump only requires its hydraulic power. The DOP can be powered by a diesel-hydraulic power pack or by an excavator. Working attached to the excavator boom plugged into its hydraulics makes a simple 'plug and play' dredger.