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Crane ChemPharma & Energy expands valve actuator range

With compact streamlined 316 stainless steel housing, maintenance-free piston technology and easy change compressors, Saunders' range of S360 actuators has been expanded to accommodate valve sizes from ¼" (DN8) up to 4" (DN100).

Saunders S360 piston-type actuators are designed for biopharm applications. The larger sizes now available complete the range and replace the existing Saunders ECX Actuators from 2.5" (DN65) up to 4.0" (DN100).

Features of the actuator include:

• Modular range delivers compact dimensional envelope to enhance system design and reduce dead-leg between associated valves.
• Maintenance free piston technology provides powerful closure performance.
• Smooth corrosion resistant profile optimizes cleanability.

The Saunders S360 Actuator has always delivered reliable solutions to the life science and biofuel industries, adhering to the stringent regulations for safety and reliability in sanitary environments,' says Martin Ruse, Crane ChemPharma & Energy.

'The expansion to the line will further enhance the level of support we can deliver to our customers and enable more users to benefit from Saunders innovative technology.'