CPC extends product range with 45mm caps and quick disconnect couplings

Colder Products Company (CPC), a provider of quick disconnect couplings and fittings for plastic tubing, has announced the first market offering of 45mm caps with integral quick disconnect couplings.

Adding quick disconnects to media bottles enhances the user experience when using laboratory equipment by making it easier to exchange consumable products.

The BQ45GL series of caps provide three options for quick disconnect couplings to meet various needs. Each option includes a factory-installed and sealed quick disconnect coupling, hydrophobic vent and hose barb to attach a dispense tube. These caps will fit any glass or plastic bottle with a 45mm neck opening and GL threads.

BQ45GL series caps promote proper fluid handling protocol by making the connections to reagent or media bottles easier. The easy connect/disconnect feature encourages lab technicians to replace or refill these bottles in the proper location.

By providing a proper seal to bulk reagents or other media bottles, evaporation of liquids is prevented. The evaporation of liquids can have an adverse effect on these fluids potentially changing the chemistry of the fluid which may influence the final test being performed.

'Laboratory safety has always been a concern, but it is even more important now with potentially bio hazardous waste products in the lab,' says Bob Komma, business development manager for medical markets. 'The BQ45GL caps provide a secure seal so that even if the bottle were to be inadvertently knocked over, none of the internal fluids would be spilled.'

The BQ45GL caps are manufactured with HDPE and polypropylene resins that ensure strength and chemical compatibility for a variety of reagent and solvent materials. The BQ45GL cap is ideally suited for use with analytical laboratory equipment or in vitro diagnostic (IVD) machines.

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