CP Pumpen expands MKP pump series to high volume applications

The Swiss pump manufacturer CP Pumpen has released a new magnetic drive pump, the MKP 250-200-315, bringing the MKP series to larger volume pumping applications.

‘The demand for pumps with a large flow volume has increased in the past. With a volume of up to 750m3/h, the new MKP is complementing our series with a size that is important for the market,’ says Heinz Mathys, marketing and sales director and member of the CP management team.

The pump’s new centre support remains form-stable up to 350°C and the design of the pump feet ensures that the heat stays in the pump. which, in turn, ensures less loss when heating the medium.

The titanium shroud allows a low eddy-current loss, which results in a higher level of efficiency, says CP.

Moreover, the new pump does not need any plain bearing pedestal and as a result can be evenly heated, which makes the MKP 250-200-315 capable of conveying challenging media, such as liquid sulphur. 

The new MKP pump features CP’s sealless magnetic drive technology that includes a single centrally arranged impeller bearing assembly, which is ideally lubricated and cooled with the pumped liquid.

Therefore, also solids-laden and low-boiling liquids can be transported.

The intelligent modular system facilitates assembly and lowers the costs for spare parts, maintenance, and service to a minimum.