Cost-effective monitoring system launched by Digi International

Industry technology provider Digi International, which produces a variety of wireless devices and offers computerised digital services, has launched the latest addition to its range of solutions for tank monitoring.

The Digi Connect Tank is a fully integrated, cellular-enabled remote tank level monitoring solution for single tanks, totes and containers. The Digi Connect Tank relays up-to-the-minute tank level and location data and real-time analytics, decreasing the need for manual inspections at remote tank sites.

Digi International says using the system results in lower costs for companies monitoring remote tanks by enabling them to tightly manage inventory levels. Remote visibility of inventory levels ensures that tanks do not run out or overflow, according to Digi, and fuel and insurance liability costs are also likely to decrease due to there being less need to inspect the tanks manually.

The company says the new product is ideal for oil, waste oil, chemical, water, wastewater, agriculture and other inventory level monitoring applications. It features both CDMA and 3G GSM cellular technologies, an integrated ultrasonic sensor by Massa Products Corporation with non-contact liquid level, integrated GPS, a durable NEMA 4X enclosure and long battery life (2-3 years with normal usage).

Digi Connect Tank seamlessly integrates data streams into Device Cloud by Etherios, enabling companies to connect and manage their remote assets using any application. Device Cloud's open architecture makes it easier to connect with any device and provides organisations with a secure platform to remotely manage and control their devices in the cloud. Leveraging Device Cloud's APIs, Digi Connect Tank is able to report data only as needed (such as a low-level alarm), limiting costly cellular data charges.

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