Corn ethanol plant in Brazil utilises Sulzer’s highly efficient process pumps

FS Bioenergia is the first corn-only ethanol plant in Brazil.
The production, at the plant located near Lucas do Rio Verde, Mato Grosso, started in 2017 and the annual capacity is 250 million litres.
The facility utilises the latest process technologies from ICM, an innovative company headquartered in Colwich, US, that has become one of the world leaders in biorefining technologies and processes.
In addition to bioethanol, some high-value coproducts such as corn oil as well as high-protein and high-fibre dried distiller’s grains are produced. The plant also generates electricity from the biomass, partly for internal use and the surplus for sale.
The production facility is equipped with pumping equipment from Sulzer and value-added, patented technologies from ICM such as selective milling technology fibre separation technology and base tricanter system.
Each step of ethanol production from corn involves pumps with technically demanding applications.
The liquids can be complex, have high solids contents, be viscous, corrosive, hot, erosive or explosive.
The right pump materials and optimal sealing systems must be carefully selected to ensure reliable and long lasting operation.
Furthermore, all pumps must be highly efficient, both in terms of energy and water savings, so that the complete plant is operating to its full potential.
In close co-operation with the customer, Sulzer chose AHLSTAR and SNS pumps for all applications – from initial mash slurry transfer to final ethanol truck loading. In total, more than 80 single-stage pumps were installed.
The AHLSTAR pumps in duplex material are handling liquids containing solids and other particles, while the SNS pumps are running on clean liquids. Most of the pumps are equipped with double mechanical seals.

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