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Controversial Nord Strem 2 pipeline almost completed

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The new Biden administration is reviewing US policy towards Nord Stream 2 - a pipeline that will carry Russian natural gas to Germany beneath the Baltic Sea.
The $11 billion (€9.1 billion) undersea pipeline project is more than 90% completed, with about 100 miles remaining to be built.
Building work resumed again on February 6, more than a year after it came to a halt in the face of opposition from the Trump administration and acts of Congress authorising sanctions on companies and individuals involved in the pipeline project.
The Biden administration has not so far imposed any new sanctions required by law.
The new US president has opened talks with Berlin on the future of the pipeline, including “threats of sanctions against companies involved in the construction of Nord Stream 2”, a German official said.
The administration faces a deadline to report a list of companies it deems in violation of the US laws aimed at halting the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Those companies would be potential targets for U.S. sanctions.