Construction starts on Singapore’s new water and solid waste treatment facility

Work has started on Singapore’s first integrated waste and water treatment facility called Tuas Nexus. The project is set to be completed in phases starting in 2025, which will incorporate the Tuas Water Reclamation Plant (Tuas WRP) and Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF).
This will “help forge a more sustainable Singapore by optimising land use, and maximising energy and resource recovery,” said the National Environment Agency and Public Utilities Board in a joint news release.
Tuas Nexus will be “energy self-sufficient", the release said, by harnessing synergies from Tuas WRP and IWMF.
The project is expected to result in carbon savings of more than 200,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, equivalent to taking 42,500 cars off Singapore’s roads.
In addition, integrating the two facilities will result in land savings of up to 2.6ha – about the size of four football fields - as compared to building the two as standalone facilities.
The IWMF will convert source segregated food waste into food waste slurry suitable for co-digestion with used water sludge at Tuas WRP.
The electricity generated by IWMF will be used to sustain the operations of Tuas Nexus with excess to be exported to the grid. This excess electricity exported to the grid will be able to continually power up to 300,000 four-room HDB apartments.

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