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What are the biggest issues driving the need for change in water?
We have been thinking about this topic a lot at Evoqua, and we see three big macrotrends - climate and water risk, health and safety and connectivity. Water and climate risk are at the top of the list.
Water is the primary medium through which we will see the effects of climate change, via less predictable water availability, increased flooding threatening water points and sanitation facilities, and exacerbated water scarcity.
There is a lack of infrastructure and what we do have in place was not built for the kind of water stresses we are witnessing and will see in the future. Substantial amounts of infrastructure will require upgrades or replacement in the coming years.
Additionally, our traditional sources of water may not be sufficient. We will have to come up with more flexible means of reusing water, taking what was previously impaired and converting it into something usable.
The second big issue is public health and safety. Safe and available water is fundamental to the health and wellbeing of life on earth. Over two billion people live in areas with scarce or...

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