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Companies add themselves to record number at BPMA organisation

The British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA)the organisation which represents the business interests of UK and Irish suppliers of liquid pumps and related pumping equipment, has increased its membership to a record complement of 94 companies.
The most recent company to recognise the features and benefits of membership is Northumberland based Eastern Seals UK. A leading supplier of sealing products across the globe, the company provides a wide range of O-rings including FEP encapsulated O-rings, spring O-rings and O-ring cord. Eastern Seals supply countless industries around the world from automotive and aerospace to oil and gas and is proud of its comprehensive range of products coupled with unrivalled customer service.
Morgan Advanced Materials, a leader in materials science, specialist manufacturing and applications engineering has also recognised the benefits available to BPMA members.
Founded in 1856 by the Morgan Brothers as a crucible manufacturer, this global business has grown its sphere of expertise to encompass molten metal systems, seals and bearings, electrical carbon, as well as both thermal and technical ceramics.
Steve Schofield, Director and Chief Executive of the BPMA said: “I am delighted to welcome these two businesses into our association and provide them with all the support services at our disposal. Their respective competencies interlink nicely with that of other members, and we look forward to a developing strong and mutually rewarding relationships with each of them over the coming months."