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Combiflux pumps now have an immersion depth of 1,200mm for pumping from IBCs

Germany-headquartered Flux Pumpen has announced that its small sealless drum pump Combiflux is now available with an immersion depth of 1,200 mm and is thus suitable for pumping from IBCs.

It is driven by the storage battery motor FBM-B 3100 – the first brushless storage battery motor worldwide for driving pumps. This combination convinces with an exceptionally high delivery rate for this type of pump. The motor has a powerful exchangeable storage battery and provides the greatest possible flexibility, completely independent of the mains supply.

The Combiflux pump is especially suitable for filling smaller quantities e.g. out of narrow-necked and difficult to access containers or now from IBCs as well.

With the new length and immersion depth of 1,200mm, the Combiflux is available in stainless steel and polypropylene. This means that the pump is also suitable for aggressive media, e.g. acids such as hydrochloric, acetic, phosphoric and sulphuric, and alkalis such as caustic soda or potassium hydroxide.

Due to the modular design, when the Combiflux is utilised with the collector motor FEM 3070, several pumps can be driven in succession in different containers. If the brushless storage battery motor FBM-B 3100 is selected as the drive, even more possibilities are opened. This combination makes utilisation possible where the laying of cables is problematic or undesirable, mains supplies are unstable or where there is no mains supply at all, e.g. outdoors.

When the lithium storage battery of the FBM-B 3100 is empty it can be quickly and easily exchanged and recharged within 30 minutes. Dependent on pump and material, the infinitely variable speed control enables flow rates of 12-60 litres per minute to be achieved. This means that a 200l drum can be emptied in just three minutes. Using the lowest speed, as many as 10 200 litre drums are able to be emptied - with just one battery charge.