Cole-Parmer offers connected suite of peristaltic pumps

Fluid handling equipment provider Cole-Parmer has announced the launch of its ‘Connected Suite’ of Masterflex® peristaltic pumps, which offer a choice of communication technology and functionality to accommodate a range of fluid handling workflow applications.

The company’s products range from traditional, stand-alone pumps for simple fluid transfer, to networking and Cloud-based controlled devices for more advanced and demanding operations.

Traditional stand-alone pumps are designed for simpler applications, where control over speed or flowrate, flow direction and start/stop are the primary goals. Full functionality can be controlled through a simple user interface, and they are controllable via contact closure input on the rear of the drive for automated or semi-automated workflows.

Computer-compatible digital drivers, including precision drives, feature a programmable dispense interval, with a capacity to be calibrated to ensure dispense and display accuracy. They are controlled via the simple membrane keypad or remotely, offering support for both digital control and analogue remote-control options, for stand-alone work and automated process applications.

Profibus® or EtherNet/IP® enabled drives provide a greater level of connectivity and control, in order to comply with site protocol or governmental regulations, or as a method simply to streamline site-wide equipment operation. They can be easily integrated into a site-wide process workflow in a remote location and controlled centrally, and are also equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, supporting remote and wireless operation of critical drive functions in locations such as clean room environments, glove boxes and isolation chambers.

MasterflexLive™ enabled drives are the only peristaltic pumps on the market that can be operated from Cole-Parmer’s proprietary Cloud-based platform. This gives full visibility and control over select Masterflex L/S® and Masterflex I/P® peristaltic pumps via a PC, tablet or smartphone (iOS or Android), 24/7 and from anywhere with a data connection. Alerts inform operators of critical changes in pump parameters that need attention.

There is a choice of a free MasterflexLive service for day-to-day operations or a paid premium service, where compliance with either 21 CFR Part 11 and/or EU Annex 11 is required for data logging, etc.

The ‘Connected Suite’ package of Masterflex pumps offers users the opportunity to easily and reliably integrate their chosen pump into existing workflows and applications, regardless of the communication or connection protocol being implemented.

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