Circor releases new linear actuator

A manufacturer and marketer of differentiated technology products and sub-systems has released a new product.
Circor International has announced that the RTK REact EQ-L electric intelligent linear actuator for high-range force output is on the market.
The actuators are ideal for processes that depend on 100% running time, including industrial, chemical and power applications.
Corrosion-resistant variants have been specially designed for offshore applications. The REact EQ-L electric actuator offers an all in one package for applications with opening/closing forces from 15/3380 pound-force (lbf) to 30 kilo Newtons/6750 lbf.
It opens the door for Industry 4.0 functionality and flexibility for multiple signal exchange systems in open digital protocols for process automation.
Outfitted with RTK’s optimised REpos digital positioner, the actuator offers data logging functions and remote control through Profibus or CANopen. Using field device notification of diagnostic status, users can expect to conduct timely, status-based intervention to promote higher system availability and reduced maintenance costs.
The new actuator makes it easy to replace old-school synchronous drive technology for industrial, chemical, power and process actuation requirements. Using the newest brushless DC (BLDC) motor system, REact EQ-L offers high force and delivers up to 60 percent energy savings compared to synchronous drives. Other cost-saving features include over-force protection to prevent damage to the valve and actuator; reduction in maintenance due to 100% running time; and external LEDs indicating actuating direction for easy monitoring.
Also included is a smart controller with several adjustable and easily selectable preset speeds.
For more information about CIRCOR and its associated brands. Visit circor.com.

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