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Circor offers R. G. Laurence on/off valves for hazardous conditions

Valve manufacturer Circor now features high-quality R. G. Laurence on/off valves for applications requiring rapid opening and sealed closure, such as those in hazardous conditions.

The valves are ATEX-certified and FM-approved, offering reliable performance in high temperature and extreme service conditions.

R.G. Laurence 2500 series two-way globe-type piston valves are operated by an external lever that connects the lifting action of the linear actuator to the valve piston via a rotary shaft. Direct, semi-direct and pilot-operated valve piston options enables these valves to be used within light liquids and gases, such as hydrogen, oxygen, helium and carbon dioxide. The rotary shaft enables stronger return spring action, ensuring a reliable and fail-safe return.

The valves can safely handle up to 425°F fluid temperature, including steam, without the coil insulation breaking down. They can be used in dirty, viscous, or unclean liquids such as gasoline, fuel gases, lube and fuel oils, as well as in water and steam.

The 2500 Series is FM-approved for safety shut-off of fuel oils and gases. The electric actuator is also FM-approved as explosion-proof (Class I, Groups B, C, & D, Division 1, and Class II, Groups E, F, & G), and complies with requirements for NEMA 4 watertight enclosures.

They can be used in Division 1 hazardous atmospheres, which makes the product line ideal for oil refineries, gas processing stations, offshore oil and gas platforms, and facilities specialising in chemical processing and catalytic conversion.