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CHEP Pallecon Solutions launches food-grade bags with improved discharge valves

CHEP Pallecon Solutions recently launched new MaxiValve Liners in the Asia Pacific region to complement its existing suite of intermediate bulk container (IBC) rental solutions. The new liner range is pre-fit with the MaxiValve, a disposable ball valve, capable of reducing container discharge time by up to 33%.

The 1000l liner bags are food contact, Kosher, and Parve-approved, and designed for use with CHEP Pallecon Solutions' IBCs, for the transport of bulk liquid. The liners, available in both aseptic and non-aseptic films, are offered as part of the company's full service container rental programme. Depending on the application type, either a pillow or form-fit version of the liner can be utilised.

The EB125MV is the first bag in this product line. Manufactured in Australia, the liner includes a three-layer construction, providing high-flex resistance while transporting. The ball valve, unlike butterfly valves, delivers an unrestricted flow of product without additional fitting requirements and has a tamper evident numbered security clip to protect the integrity of the product.

Suitable for applications with fill or exposure temperatures under 80°C, the bags can be steam sterilised for up to 30 minutes at a temperature of up to 130°C and a pressure bar of 3.

CHEP Pallecon Solutions provides Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) to customers around the world and across a range of industries including food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and general manufacturing.