Chell instruments unveil dynamic connector

Gas measurement specialist Chell instruments has unveiled a new aluminium pneumatic connector. The company claims that its new AQDC connector will ‘create instant time and money savings within innovative industries.’

The connector connects and disconnects pneumatic lines and pipes. According to a statement, Chell initially created the new connector to meet stringent aerospace environmental requirements and accelerate system installation and reconfiguration.

“It seemed natural to create a lightweight aluminium quick disconnector after the popularity of the stainless-steel Quick Disconnect (SQDC) version.” Comments Nick Broadley, Managing Director at Chell Instruments. 

“The SQDC version was designed after visiting a leading aircraft engine manufacturer and discovering that during testing process, when they wanted to dismantle an engine, all the piping (potentially 300 pipes or so) had to be cut off and replaced.”

Chell’s Aluminium Quick Disconnects have been designed for a range of applications in multiple industries. According to a statement, they can be used in applications at working temperatures up to 200°C.

The company’s original Quick Disconnect system was manufactured in steel to withstand the high temperatures test equipment can be subjected to. The latest development sees the fast-couplings now made in weight-saving aluminium while still able to handle temperatures up to 200C. Variations can connect between 8 and 32 gas lines, whilst a unique locking mechanism resists vibration.

“This is another important innovation for Chell and our customers” says Nick. “It’s amazing the technology our equipment is used to test, so we need to be just as focused on improving what we do and finding ever-smarter solutions”.


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